HOLLOW TIMBER BOARDS Wooden Rockets are built predominately from recycled cedars and plantation paulownia. The qualities of a hollow timber board are sustainability, longevity and a vitality and speed not found in foam. Like an old wooden boat they exemplify the soul of ocean craft ages old.  Being timber also means that they are far easier to repair and more resilient in the first place. Working as a carpenter in the building industry for the past 20 years I have developed a love of timber, and am grateful to have been able to incorporate it with my love for surfing, to build boards that for me are far more preferable to surf.  Living on the north coast of N.S.W means that I am able to obtain plantation paulownia(locally grown) and utilise the cedars and other rich timbers that are waste and off cuts from my building jobs.  While it might look good hanging on your living room wall it will look even better racing across the wall of a wave. The boards can be built to suit the needs of the individual.High performance short boards , guns to fishes or mini mals. After a thorough  discussion and design process, your board will be built  to your requirements.

ART WORK When I’ m sick of the shed and i’m not running to waves or the kids i paint acrylic images on tiles. The tiles can be either hung on your wall, free stand on a small wooden base or incorporated into your bathroom or kitchen tiles.


200X200mm $45

400x400mm $90

TIMBER BOARD PRICES vary depending on design, size and material. If you are interested contact me and we can work out what you want, i can give you a price and you can work out if you want to light that rocket or not.