Pebuku Pottery: Linda Cunningham and Lisa Gair

We are constantly inspired by nature. The landscape, the flora and fauna that surround us features in our collaborative porcelain pieces.

A photographer and a sculptor, both potters at heart, we create in porcelain for its tactile and responsive qualities. Visiting the environment of a place that inspires us, photographing and collecting, spending time. Creating back in the studio with the experience of that place in mind.

The location we choose for this exhibition is Fingal Head. A peaceful place born of the fire of Wollumbin. We begin by acknowledging the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we take our inspiration, the People of the Bundjalung Nation and pay our respects to their elders both past and present.

The local indigenous Goodjingburra clan’s name for Fingal Head is Booninybah – Home of the Giant Echidna: “Booniny” means Giant Echidna.

The spectacular columns of Fingal Head resemble the spines of an echidna, and so the Goodjingburra believe that the spirit of the echidna inhabits the headland. We feel this imagery is reflected in the beautiful Banksia integrifolia, commonly known as Coast Banksia that covers the headland and the spiked wildflowers that blossom in the grass.

In this series of works, we draw from this imagery, and the colours,

textures of Fingal from the headland scrub, across the Giants Causeway to Cook Island.